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Window Tinting

Do you like the look of tinted windows? There are more benefits to window films and tints than just style. Window tint can help to reduce the heat in your car on sunny days, and it can help protect your car’s interior, as well. Leather and fabric seating can fade when exposed to direct sunlight and UV rays. Let our team apply window tinting to protect your ride.

Tinting for

Home or Office

At Auto Trim Design, we install window film in homes and offices. Along with privacy benefits, window film has many practical applications. Choose window film for your living or office space to save on energy bills, help the environment, and keep your windows looking spectacular.

Window Tint Benefits

With glass window film installed on your home or office windows, less heat and energy can enter your rooms in the summer, helping to keep your office and home much cooler. In the winter, heat loss can be reduced by 35%, which can lower your utility and energy bills over time.
Since you’ll be using less energy, the environmental benefits of installing window film in your home or office are enormous. Energy can escape through untreated windows, causing you to use much more fuel than required with tinted windows. Go green with our window film application! Call today to schedule an appointment for a window tint service when you are in the Burlington, NC area!. 


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